A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Character List

The Angel

The very old man with enormous wings. Pelayo finds him lying in the mud of his courtyard. Caged in a chicken coop, people from all over the world come to see him. His one supernatural quality, aside from his wings, seems to be his patience, and he speaks in a dialect that no one understands.


Pelayo discovers the old man with wings. He makes a lot of money exhibiting the old man, with which he builds a mansion and sets up a rabbit warren.


Elisenda is one of the first to see the old man. Elisenda develops a bent spine from cleaning up the after the crowds who come to see the old man. She comes up with the idea of charging an admission price to see him.

The Child

The child is ill when Pelayo finds the old man. His fever breaks during the night. Once the angel is no longer a carnival attraction, the child plays with him in the chicken coop sometimes.

Neighbor Woman

The neighbor woman is a woman close to Pelayo and Elisenda. She knows everything about life and death, and tells them that the old man is an angel who was probably coming for their sick child before the rain knocked him from the sky.

Father Gonzaga

A woodcutter before becoming a priest. Though he suspects the angel of being an imposter, he insists that the crowds treat the angel with dignity.

The Spider-Girl

The spider is a carnival attraction. She used to be a young girl, but one night snuck out of her house to a dance. On the way home a lightening bolt of brimstone turned her into a giant tarantula. Her only source of food is the meatballs spectators throw her.