A Simple Heart and Other Stories Irony

A Simple Heart and Other Stories Irony


Felicite is “simple” yet foils the tricks of those who are trying to trick her on the street, gaining their consideration. (pg. 4)

Felicite's relationship with the children

Felicite is not allowed to become too close to the children, yet acts more like a mother to the kids than does Mrs. Aubain (the mother).

Mistaking a parrot for a religious figure

Felicite believes she sees a parrot in the gates of heaven as she dies, whereas one would usually imagine seeing the Holy Spirit. (pg. 24)


Felicite is unfamiliar with normal concepts of human sexuality in the beginning of the story, but knows about animal sexuality from growing up around animals.

The children teach Felicite

Felicite learns about concepts such as religion, geography, and culture from the two children she oversees, rather than the other way around.

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