A Serious Proposal to the Ladies Quotes


"For since God has given women as well as men intelligent souls, why should they be forbidden to improve them?"

Narrator, Paragraph 4

God wants women to be well educated. Astell argues that because there is the ability for women to become wise, there is a need for it. She does not believe that women are truly doing the work of God if they are not making use of the talents that He has given them. The conversation of women at the time, is considered foolish. She wishes to elevate women and allow them to become more useful members of society. This would allow them to discern what Christianity truly is, without being led astray be men who are impure. She believes that the power of knowledge is one that men have historically had, but that this knowledge is not God's intention.

There is also the idea that women should use this skill of learning before they lose the ability to become wise. She also believes that our happiness in the next life is determined by the knowledge we gain in this life. This means that women are supposed to gain knowledge in accordance with Gods wishes, in order to become more happy in the next life.

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