A River Sutra Background

A River Sutra Background

Gita Mehta is the author of two previous books, Karma Cola and Raj. Karma Cola is a documentary satire while Raj is a historical fiction.

A River Sutra is a lyrical series of interlocking stories that transport the reader to a contemporary India that is a magical blend of reality and myth. It emphasizes the mysteries of the east and foregrounds their self contained insulated reality.

The seamless flow of the stories are intertwined with the changing seasons making it a complex intersection of time and space. The narrative reflects the depth of India's spirituality and recalls Karma Cola in it's insightful detailing of Indian culture and tradition. Woven around the mystical and invigorating river Narmada the stories narrate the life of a bureaucrat who wishes to reconnect with nature after his wife passed away.

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