A Feast For Crows Summary

A Feast For Crows Summary

The war has left the Seven Kingdoms in ruins and King Tommen sits in the Iron Throne now, but he's only a kid. His mother, Cersi, rules as the queen. But Cersi's thirst for power causes her son's leadership to be weak.

The Iron Born, who live on the sea, have a new king as well. The Iron Men have been slowly invading on the mainlands for decades, with the promise that their new king, Euron the Crow's Eye rules as the king of all the Seven Kingdoms. However, he has been having trouble convincing his people that the Seven Kingdoms truly belongs to him.

The brother of one of the deceased kings, Stanis, launched an attack against the King's Guard and King Tommen in order to claim Westeros for himself. His conquest of the Wall has led the Night's Watch to be branded as traitors, leaving the Lord Commander to send a letter to the king in order to beg for mercy.

The Queen's Brother and former lover, Jamie, sends a sword maiden on a search to find Eddard Stark's missing daughters: Arya and Sansa. The sword maiden, Brienne of Tarth during her search for Sansa Stark realizes that she has been following the wrong footsteps.

Meanwhile, Sansa poses as Layne, the daughter of Pyter Baelish or Littlefinger, who has a secret plan to marry Sansa to the only remaining Heir of the Kingdom, Jon Arryn.

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