A Country Doctor Characters

A Country Doctor Character List

The Country Doctor

The doctor is the central character to the story. He is a kind man who is willing to go out of his way in order to help his patient. On one cold windy day he receives an urgent call to visit a seriously sick patient, who lives far away. However, his horse has died the night before and as no one in the village is willing to land him another one, the doctor has no way of getting to his patient. As he angrily walks into the pigsty, he finds there an unknown man, resembling a groom, who offers to help. The groom prepares the horses and readies the carriage. As the doctor is all set to go he notices the groom harassing his maid Rose.  He wants to help her, but he feels in the man's debt so he does nothing. At his patient the doctor encounters a series of bizarre events and ends up laying naked in the bed with his patient, as he is unable to help him medically and the boy's family believes that he should help him at least spiritually and ease his way to the other side. The doctor tries to leave as soon as possible, he does not even bother to get dressed. To his unpleasant surprise, the magical horses that were so fast when carrying him to the patient, barely move. Eventually, the doctor realizes that he will in fact never come home, back to his old life, as what he had there is destroyed by the life-changing situation he has just experienced. 



Rose is the country doctor's maid. She is a virtuous girl, however, when the doctor leaves to treat his patient, she falls into the hands of the demonic groom. The loss of her virtue is parallel to the life-changing experience the doctor undergoes at his patients house and one of the reasons why he can never come back to his old life again.

The Groom

The groom is a unknown mysterious man.  He is no ordinary groom, but a demon who lands the doctor a pair of magical horses. As soon as the doctor leaves he rapes his virtuous maid Rose. 


The Patient

The patient is a young boy whose parents claim he is severely ill. When the doctor arrives, it appears as if the boy was perfectly alright, just later the doctor notices a wound below his hip with worms crawling inside of it. It is apparent that the boy will not survive, and as he suffers terribly he begs the doctor to let him die. 


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