A Clockwork Orange (Film)

A Clockwork Orange (Film) Character List


Alex DeLarge is the protagonist and narrator of A Clockwork Orange, an iconic role played by Malcolm McDowell. Alex is a young man who enjoys committing violent and sexual acts and does not fear authority. He is an only child, and his parents have no idea about his nighttime escapades. He eventually ends up in jail after accidentally killing a woman, and becomes the guinea pig for the 'Ludovico Technique', an experimental "cure" for criminals.


One of Alex's droogs, played by Michael Tarn. Pete is the least talkative of the droogs.


One of Alex's droogs, played by James Marcus. At one point, Georgie tries to undermine Alex's power - and Alex retaliates violently. Eventually, Georgie becomes a cop and, with Dim, takes revenge on Alex by nearly drowning him.


One of Alex's droogs, played by Warren Clarke. Dim is giggly and goofy, and gets very upset when Alex canes him across the knees for no reason. He eventually becomes a cop like Georgie.

Billy boy

A rival gangster, played by Richard Connaught. He and his droogs also enjoy committing acts of rape and ultra-violence. Billy boy and his droogs end up in the hospital after Alex and his droogs beat them during a street fight.

Mr. Alexander

A writer and "left wing lunatic", played by Patrick Magee. Mr. Alexander is the victim of one of Alex's brutal attacks and his wife dies after Alex rapes her. He tries to torture Alex into killing himself and is locked up as a result.

Mrs. Alexander

Mr. Alexander's younger, doting wife, played by Adrienne Corri. Alex brutally rapes her and she eventually dies of pneumonia, though Mr. Alexander believes her illness stemmed from the rape.


Played by Paul Farrell. An old, drunk Irishman who takes a terrible beating from Alex and his droogs. Eventually, he and his tramp friends retaliate against Alex, beating him when he is physically unable to fight back.

Mr. Deltoid

Alex's post-correction officer, played by Aubrey Morris, who is savvy to Alex's nighttime activities. He makes a pass at Alex while claiming to be trying to keep him out of jail. Once Alex has killed Cat lady, Mr. Deltoid decides it's the "end of the line" for him, and spits in Alex's face.


Alex's bright-haired, meek, clueless mother, played by Sheila Raynor. She is an ineffective, passive parent, and cries easily.


Alex's father, played by Philip Stone. He is also weary of Alex and appears to be frightened of him as well. He often speaks for both himself and his wife.


A woman who spontaneously performs part of Beethoven's 9th Symphony in Korova Milkbar, played by Gaye Brown.

Cat Lady

Ms. Weathers, a wealthy woman who runs a remote Health Farm. She lives alone with her cats and collects modern erotic art. She dies after Alex attacks her with a large phallic sculpture.

Prison Chaplain

The chaplain at the prison where Alex serves his sentence, played by Godfrey Quigley. The Chaplain is against the Ludovico treatment because it deprives its subjects of their free will. Stanley Kubrick called this character "the moral voice of the film" (Ciment 149).

Prison Governor

The overseer of the prison where Alex serves his sentence, played by Michael Gover. He does not believe in the Ludovico Technique - he thinks criminals should be appropriately punished for their crimes.

Chief Guard

The prison warder, played by Michael Bates. He is harsh and exacting, and initially cannot believe that nasty Alex will ever change. Stanley Kubrick described him as "an obsolete servant of the new order. He copes very poorly with the problems around him, understanding neither the criminal nor the reformers" (Ciment 149).


The newly appointed Minister of the Interior, played by Anthony Sharp. He represents the growing totalitarianism of the government. He aims to address the problem of crime on the streets and overcrowded prisons using the Ludovico Technique, a form of aversion therapy that makes criminals ill whenever they want to act illegally. After Alex, the first subject of the treatment, tries to kill himself - the Minister eagerly tries to win back his constituents' favor by lobbying for Alex's support.

Dr. Brodsky

The doctor who developed the Ludovico Technique, played by Carl Duering

Dr. Branom

A doctor who works with Dr. Brodsky at the Ludovico Institute.


The lodger who rents Alex's room while he is in prison, played by Clive Francis. Joe becomes close to Mum and Dad, and stands up to Alex when his parents cannot.


Mr. Alexander's bodyguard, played by David Prowse. He assists Mr. Alexander because he is confined to a wheelchair and his wife, who used to do everything for him, died.


Mr. Alexander's friends and left-wing political allies who are against the government and the Ludovico Technique. They come to Mr. Alexander's house and help him to torture Alex after he realizes Alex's real identity.