A Clash of Kings Imagery

A Clash of Kings Imagery

The Red Comet

In the first half of the book, the red comet is the predominant subject among the people in the Seven Kingsdoms. Everyone seems to attribute a different meaning to it and interpret it in a prophetic manner and even claiming the comet as being their own. The character is probably the most affected by the comet is Daenerys, who follows the comet blindly through the Red Waste, thinking that the comet is a messenger sent by the Gods pointing her in the right direction.


Dragons appear for the first time at the end of the first book and they become to me synonymous with Daenerys. We can say they Daenerys’ dragons are more or less her on her journey to retake her Throne. Slowly, as the three dragons start to grow and more people learn about them, Daenerys also grows and learns how to be a better leader for her people. Towards the end of the book, the imagery becomes stronger, Daenerys recreating the image of a real Targeryan.

The Iron Throne

Just like in the previous book, the Iron Throne, forged out of swords, remains a predominant image and symbol. Not only that it signifies power, but it is also seen as something dangerous and ugly, a mystical object that in many cases is seen as almost a character.

The Wall

Just like the Iron Throne, the Wall is brought to life by the characterizations made by those who live near it or on it. Just like the red comet, the Wall seems to have multiple functions depending on who is describing it. But despite this apparent contradiction regarding its function, the Wall is seen as a protector standing between the civilized world and the wildlings beyond it.

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