1917 (Film)

1917 (Film) Character List

William Schofield

Lance Corporal William Schofield is a young soldier in the British army during the First World War. He and Blake are tasked with sending a message to call off a planned attack which could lead to the death of many soldiers. Schofield is very hesitant about the trip at first, wanting to wait until nightfall and fearing for the worst. After Blake dies, Schofield becomes more singleminded and determined to complete the task, as he must do so in memory of his dear friend. A serious man, Schofield transforms into a war hero over the course of the film.

Tom Blake

Lance Corporal Tom Blake is William Schofield's friend and also a soldier in the British army during the First World War. Blake has a brother that is in the army as well, Lieutenant Joseph Blake. In contrast with Schofield, Blake is more affable, always telling funny stories and exhibiting a pluckier, more fun-loving attitude, even in the face of grave adversity. He is tragically killed early in the film by an injured enemy soldier he was trying to help.

Joseph Blake

Joseph Blake is Tom Blake's brother. Since Blake and Schofield do not reach the trenches in time, Joseph is a part of the first wave that goes through with the attack, but he survives. We do not learn much about Joseph, but watch him register the tragic news that his brother was killed on the way to warning Joseph's battalion about impending danger.

General Erinmore

General Erinmore is the general who sends Schofield and Blake on their mission. He is a serious and matter-of-fact man with a brusque and unsentimental demeanor.

General Mackenzie

Mackenzie is the head of the Second Battalion, to whom Schofield delivers the message not to attack the Germans. He is an impulsive and rather unpleasant man who does not believe Schofield's plea to call off the attack at first. It is not until he has read the letter that he takes the orders seriously, as he is very desperate for a victory.