11 September 2001

Describe entailment as it relates to Mr. Cunningham?

This question is from the book called "To Kill A Mockingbird."

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Entailment involves inheritance. In Mr. Cunnigham's case, the entailment is property. Mr. Cunningham is having trouble paying the mortgage on his land, and the land not involved in the entailment could not be sold. Thus, Cunningham can suffer through and pay what he can..... but if he takes another job, he won't be able to work his land and will end up losing it anyway.

Entailment was only a part of Mr. Cunningham’s vexations. The acres not entailed were mortgaged to the hilt, and the little cash he made went to interest. If he held his mouth right, Mr. Cunningham could get a WPA job, but his land would go to ruin if he left it, and he was willing to go hungry to keep his land and vote as he pleased.


To Kill a Mockingbird