10:04 Background

10:04 Background

10:04 is a novel by American poet and writer Ben Lerner. His second fictional novel, 10:04 follows the story of a writer living in New York City that has become very successful. However, after being diagnosed with a serious heart condition, the writer wonders how to continue on with his life. The novel is often classified as being metafiction, as it reminds readers that the story is fictional. The book may have been inspired by Lerner's own life, who lives in New York City and had a previously successful novel.

Ben Lerner was born in 1979 in Topeka, Kansas, and currently lives in New York City where he teaches English at Brooklyn College. Aside from writing novels, Lerner also writes poetry, most of which is based in his home town of Topeka. Lerner has received several prizes throughout his distinguished literary career, such as gaining MacArthur Fellowship, winning the Preis der Stadt Münster für internationale Poesie, and becoming a finalist in the race for the National Book Award.

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