The Little Prince Summary

The Little Prince Summary

The author, a pilot, falls with his plane in the Sahara desert. While he tries to repair his engine, a little boy appears out of nowhere and simply asks him to draw a sheep. The author then learns that this "Little Prince" comes from far away, from Asteroid B 612, where he left a rose and three volcanoes.

Before arriving on Earth, he visited other planets and met with strange individuals: a king, a conceited man, a drinker, a lamplighter, and a geographer. On Earth, he was able to speak with a fox who taught him to realize that to know the others we must “tame” them. And this what makes things and people unique. "The essential is invisible to the eye," said the fox.

To reunite with his rose, the Little Prince goes back home after he let a poisonous snake bite him: home is too far and he cannot take his envelope. The aviator, who finished repairing his plane, leaves the desert too. He is still hoping and waiting for the Return of the Little Prince, and he asks us to let him know if we ever meet his Little Prince somewhere in this Universe.

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