The Little Prince Literary Elements

The Little Prince Literary Elements


Parable, fable

Setting and Context

The story begins and ends, as well as some actions in the mid, in the Sahara Desert. Some other actions take place on the Little Prince’s home planet, and on other planets visited by him on his way to the Earth. The time is believed to be the mid of the 20th century.

Narrator and Point of View

First person and third person narrative are used in the story. Little Prince’s life is told by a third person, and his involvement with the narrator is told by a first person – the narrator himself.

Tone and Mood

Overall the tone of the story can be described as solemn and serious from the one hand, and from the other it is sad.

Protagonist and Antagonist

The protagonists of the story are both Little Prince and the pilot.

Major Conflict

The beliefs of children and adults stand in conflict.


The climax happens when Little Prince realizes the importance of his rose, and this happens after the fox tells him his secret. It clears everything up for Little Prince.


All the important facts are introduced before their significance is comprehendible, thus every fact or phrase foreshadows some secret, meaning of which is revealed later. For example, the Little prince asks the narrator: So you, too come from the sky! Which is your planet?” which presumes that he is not from the Earth, and it is clear only from the later reading.






Imagery is used when describing home planet of Little Prince and other planets. Also vivid descriptions of the desert, especially at night, helps to get deeper into the characters’ inner world.


The paradox stands in the fact that adults, when becoming older are supposed to become wiser and smarter, but they on contrary are far away of being these. Everything should be explained to them.


Parallelism of reality and imagination is closely tied in the story.

Metonymy and Synecdoche

The author turns sometimes to metonymy device to embellish the context, like “I was awaken by an odd little voice” which presumes that he was awaken by Little Prince.


The brightest example of personification in the story is that image of a flower of Little Prince: “She dressed herself slowly. She adjusted her petals one by one”. The flower is represented as a young lady, who is into her looks.

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