The Little Prince Irony

The Little Prince Irony

Attitude towards adults

When the author shows adults his drawing of a boa digesting an elephant, they all say that it is a hat, so he had to draw another picture of the boa from the insight. He says that one should always explain everything to adults, they are not able to see things as they are and understand nothing. He had “lived a great deal among grown-ups and seen them intimately, close at hand. And that hasn’t much improved my opinion of them”. He continues to show grown-ups those drawings for curiosity and experiment, but none had ever told what had been drawn there. The author seems not to respect adults for their short-sightedness and inability to see things the way they are. He blames the adults for their discouragement for his desire to draw.


When the Little Princes visits some planets on his way to the Earth he meets different people, who he considers to be really odd. One of them is a businessman who counts stars and thinks that he possesses them, and more starts he owns more he can buy. It is ironic how people pursue sometimes things that bring neither them nor those possessed things any benefit. This businessman is, if not stupid, then very deluded.

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