The Little Prince Metaphors and Similes

The Little Prince Metaphors and Similes

The Little Prince

The most important metaphor is the Little Prince himself. He symbolizes innocence and childhood, and he is looking for friends. But he does not find that in his journey, as he only meets with adults and he cannot understand the things that adults speak of. He is not mean, because mean things are done by adults. He does do anything about money, but he knows he is responsible for his rose. The Little Prince is a metaphor of Childhood.

The Aviator

The second important metaphor is the aviator. He is not a child because of his age, but he is not an adult either, like the other adults on this planet. He symbolizes people of this society who have imagination.


Taming sets in place a new arrangement in the world: an emotional relationship. It supplants the pragmatic relationship, when things were understood only in terms of utility. Now it is not their function that counts but the power of suggestion they envelop. The color of wheat led the fox to the little prince, just as the stars remind the pilot of the Prince. The wheat or the stars do not exist as things; they are signs to the little prince, and they have the value of metaphors.

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