Why is it so important for Zeitoun to rebuild after the storm?

Why did he rebuild after the storm

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"I find it very clear just how much Zeitoun loves the city of New Orleans. Zeitoun’s primary reason for not evacuating with his family prior to the storms arrival was because of his business. He knew that before and after the storm there would be a lot of work to do, and he was loyal to both his company and his clients. Once the devastation of Katrina set in there was obviously no work to do towards his business. Zeitoun had many opportunities to evacuate the city, but decided to stay and help as much as he could. Knowing this I feel like not only was Zeitoun an honorable man, he was also in love with his adopted home. In the last paragraph on page 130 we hear straight from Zeitoun’s mouth how he felt about New Orleans. Zeitoun was talking to his brother Ahmad on the phone. His brother trying to talk him into leaving the city, said, “I really want you to leave. Your family needs you.” Zeitoun replied with, “They need me here more, this is my family too.” I find these words to completely capture the reasoning behind Zeitoun’s decision to rebuild."



I feel that Zeitoun had a really strong connection with New Orleans in a way that a lot of people have with their family. They may not be perfect and also may have their hard times, but for the most part they are always there. They are there when you need them. You learn to grow from them. You bond with them.They become a part of you. That is what I feel Zeitoun had with New Orleans, and so, being the caring man he is, he did what he could to stay and rebuild.This city basically took him in and impacted a part of his life, so he did what he could to give back.