Describe the bus terminal they take Zeitoun to.

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they are detained at a bus station converted to a makeshift prison.

At the bus station, Todd is taken aside and interrogated first. Zeitoun overhears that they are suspected of being members of al Qaeda. He is horrified because he has always feared being targeted by law enforcement because of his Arab lineage, and now it seems that his worst nightmares are coming true. Nasser is questioned next, and the soldiers find $10,000 in cash in his duffel bag. They also discover that Todd was carrying $2,400, MapQuest printouts, and a memory card for a digital camera. He has innocent reasons for carrying these belongings, but the items nevertheless make the soldiers even more suspicious of the men.

Without being read his rights or accused of a crime, Zeitoun is taken into a utility closet, where he is forced to strip naked and allow a soldier to search his rectum for contraband items. He is locked with the other three men in an outdoor cell, which remind Zeitoun of the images he’s seen of Guantánamo Bay. The cell is crowded and has no furniture, only a filthy cement floor. The men are served pork ribs for dinner, which Nasser and Zeitoun cannot eat. Although Nasser and Zeitoun do not have water to perform the necessary ablutions before praying, they do so anyway, using gravel for symbolic ablutions to cleanse themselves. The men must sleep on the ground, each taking a turn leaning on a pole in the middle of the cell.