Young Goodman Brown and Other Hawthorne Short Stories

What was your initial reaction to this story?

What do you sense was the overall mood throughout the story? 3. This story deals with different levels of ambivalence, what are they and who goes through them? 4. What are the major symbols of the story and what do they represent? 5. There are two vocabulary terms we will be using throughout the semester, one being a human's inner savage (individuals are evil underneath the surface, and the other being the veneer of civilization (society may appear one way on the surface, but underneath there is something darker). Which of these two terms does this story represent? Why do you think that? 6. Do you think this was all a dream, why or why not?

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My initial reaction to the story in its entirety was to be slightly shocked. I was surprised by the story and found it rather unbelievable.

The overall mood in the story is dark and gloomy.

Please list your questions separately.


Young Goodman Brown