Young Goodman Brown and Other Hawthorne Short Stories

nathaniel hawthrone

consider hawthornes narrative voice. discuss the use of irony, tone, and intrustion in two works in the anthology? (the birthmark, the minister black veil and rappaccini daughters?

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This is tough to cover in the short space that we have. Please check out this link:


This is more of an essay question than a simple yes/no answer for which this forum is designed.  However, we can say that the narrator is typically omniscient and knows everything that is going to happen.  Without exception, the characters in Hawthorne's tales try to achieve some kind of perfection and that attempt at being perfect always causes pain and often death.  We see that in "The Birthmark" since once the birthmark is removed, the woman is beautiful, but she is nno longer alive.  We humans all have imperfections and we have to learn to live with them.  Reverend Hooper, on the other hand, sees his imperfections and cannot bear to look himself in the face anymore.  Again, the imperfections cause some disaster on the part of the main character.