Young Goodman Brown and Other Hawthorne Short Stories

Ethan Brand by nathaniel hawthrone

How does Hawthrone use setting and description of that setting to establish the mood for his tale? Why are these choices appropriate?

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The scenery in the mountain aligns with this theme of redemption, as the clouds seemed "almost as if a mortal man might thus ascend into the heavenly regions." Furthermore, the kiln's interior is bright white; Brand's heart rests inside his skeleton in the form of pure lime. This may indicate that a possible purging of sin occurred. In the end, he cries out, “O mankind, whose brotherhood I have cast off, and trampled they great heart behemoth my feet!” Brand recognizes that he may have gained intellectual discovery, but at the great cost of human relationships and strength of heart. His heart, literally turned to stone through years of self-imposed isolation, can now be put to use by Bartram.