Young Goodman Brown and Other Hawthorne Short Stories

Ethan Brand by nathaniel hawthrone

what connections in character, setting, theme of style do you see between "Ethan Brand" and the other Hawthrone tales we have read? focus your reponses on one of htese aspects of the tale. (THe birthmark, THe minsters black veil, rappaccinis daughter) please discuss in at 10 sentences and must contain at least three direct quotes)

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This is a pretty involved question for the space of this forum. There are certainly gothic elements to his stories. Most of these works also take place in Puritan New England, within which Hawthorne's ancestry was deeply rooted. Thus, he alludes to witchcraft in some stories as well, as Hawthorne was impacted by the Salem Witch Trials and his ancestor's role in them. Stories that include supernatural elements include "Young Goodman Brown", "The Birthmark" and "Ethan Brand".