Wuthering Heights

Mrs Dean finally agrees to take Heathcliff's letter to catherine

imagine u are Heathcliff and write the letter to catherine

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If I were to write a letter as Heathcliff I would add certain facts such as the following facts.

I have loved you since childhood.

Together we ruled our world.

Your father gave me to you and we are meant to be as one.

After our father died Hindley took everything for me.

He made me a servant in our home.

We stayed together every chance that we had.

You loved no other.

Later you stayed with the Lintons.

They kept me away from you and I was crazy with worry.

You forgot who you were, who we were, after your stay with them. You became materialistic.

You still loved me but you married him.

I returned to you a better man. I was able to take you away and give you the things that you wanted, bu you stayed with him.

You still loved me, but you had his child and it killed you.

I have and always live only for you. Forever.



because she afraid that Heathcliff will go and visit Thrushcross grange , if heDO THAT AND visit Thrushcross grange he will make himself in questioning with Edgar, SHE does not want to see Heathcliff in trouble.