Wuthering Heights

In Wuthering Heights, Who is the most admirable character? and who is the least?

Neeed answers, please

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Well if I had to pick one I might suggest Hareton Earnshaw. Really he seemed like the nicest guy that was wronged in a big way. He should have been owner of Wuthering Heights but was reduced to being little more than a servant. He grows up to be superficially like Heathcliff, but is really much more sweet-tempered and forgiving. He never blames Heathcliff for having disinherited him, for example, and remains his oppressor's staunchest ally.

I think a little Cathy is the most admirable character because she has beautiful soul and her character makes Heathcliff the cruelest man love her, her soul is more beautiful than her mother soul and make Heathcliff leaves the revenge,and the least admirable character Heathcliff because he spent the most novel in thinking how he can take his revenge from his beloved and makes the people who degrade him suffering and makes the man who took his beloved poverty , without money , house and power