Wuthering Heights

if you are given the chance to change something in the story, what would it be and why ?

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To change the story would be a travesty. Most any change one could make would probably alter the conclusion, and although it would be nice to have it all tied up in a pretty, little box...... it would also ruin the beauty.

So...... if I have to change something, I'd probably tweak something small, and that would have to be the Lintons' treatment of Heathcliff. The boy has come to a happy home, and he has the opportunity to move beyond his circumstances. Yes, he has to deal with Edgar, and that's a shame, but none-the-less, the opportunity is there. What happens at the Lintons' home changes Catherine (and there's nothing wrong with being a lady), but because of this he loses the constancy of his one companion. She becomes torn, and he becomes more and more obsessed. Catherine is no less a friend, she's just different, and that would have happened regardless. People grow up............... Heathcliff was already a loner, and being separated and shunned during the time that Catherine blossomed set the stage for a whole new gammot of feelings.

I will be change every thing .I will be making heathcliff marries catherine because ,he undergoes entire this novel,but if i make it, i will Cancel all the novel ,and i will be make the hero get what he want, and if i do it ,it will be there is no meaning to this novel ,because Emily Bronte wants to make us understand that is the end of the novel ,it must not end with marriage the two lovers and get whats they want .so I see everything suitable and we don't must change any thing in it, it's perfect ,its not need to change , the novelist knows whats she do.