Wuthering Heights

I Need some help with questions! Please

I did read the novel, I'm just having a really hard time answers these questions out of the 100 I have to answer.

1.Describe Linton's appearance and personality when he arrives at Thrushcross Grange and later when he lives at Wuthering Heights. What reason does Edgar have for not resisting when Heathcliff demands custody of Linton?

2.Describe how Linton treats Cathy after their marriage.

3.Explain why Edgar is eager to change his will in chapter 28. How does Heathcliff thwart Edgar's plans?

4.Compare Nelly's opinion of Cathy to the opinion she had toward her mother. How does Nelly's attitude affect your sympathy for Cathy.

5.Is Isabella's startling change in character after her marriage believeable?

6. will heathcliff triump over edgar as easily as he did over hindley?

thanks in advance for any help

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I can help you with how lint on. He changed after he married Cathy because he knew that Cathy still loved heath cliff. She would never stop and he loathe him and tried to change Cathys mind about heath cliff.


Withering heights