Wuthering Heights

How effectively does the author of Wuthering Heights create an atmosphere of the mysterious and supernatural in the opening chapters?

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In Chapter One, Heathcliff is characterized by casual violence and lack of concern for manners or consideration for other people. This is only a hint of the atmosphere of the whole novel, in which violence is contrasted with more genteel and civilized ways of living.

In Chapter Three, Lockwood falls asleep over a religious book, and has a nightmare about a fanatical preacher leading a violent mob. Lockwood wakes up, hears that a sound in his dream had really been a branch rubbing against the window, and falls asleep again. This time he dreams that he wanted to open the window to get rid of the branch, but when he did, a "little, ice-cold hand" (25) grabbed his arm, and a voice sobbed "let me in." He asked who it was, and was answered: "Catherine Linton. I'm come home, I'd lost my way on the moor." He saw a child's face and, afraid, drew the child's wrist back and forth on the broken glass of the window so that blood soaked the sheets. Finally he gets free, and insists that he won't let the creature in, even if it has been lost for twenty years, as it claims. He wakes up screaming.

Heathcliff comes in, evidently disturbed and confused, unaware that Lockwood is there. Lockwood tells him what happened, mentioning the dream and Catherine Linton's name, which distresses and angers Heathcliff. Lockwood goes to the kitchen, but on his way he hears Heathcliff at the window, despairingly begging 'Cathy' to come in "at last" (29). Lockwood is embarrassed by his host's obvious agony.

Morning comes: Lockwood witnesses an argument between Heathcliff and the girl, who has been reading. Heathcliff bullies her, and she resists spiritedly. Heathcliff walks Lockwood most of the way home in the snow.



At the first of all the action takes place in the strange place like morass. Young guest, recently removing to this place, tryed to find a good company in such godforsaken place but his new neighbour is very peevish.

In the next chapters author showed us his nightmare wit the dead sister of Mr. Heatchliff in the main role.

Also in the Hetchliff's house live wife of his dead son and she makes believe everybody that she is witch. And old devotee Joseph. Everything together (people, ghosts, witch, strange place) make unpleasant feelings of alarm ehile reading this book.

An atmosphere of a beginning of the story describe a some mysterions things which happend in the Wuthering Heights. Such a nasty weather which was when Lokwud came says about some supernatural atmosphere in that house. The master of this house personifes the character and relationships in the Wuthering Heights. He is unruly, rude, foul person but he has a gentalman qualities. This atmosphere passes what is happening in his heart. He is suffer from his grief and all what is near the house are suffering together with him.

I agree with jill, who wrote about Lockwood's dream in the chapter three. I suppose that dream is the best way for author to show the strange events which surrounded the hero. We know that Lockwood was tired and impressed by this house and its atmosphere, but dreams are the reflection of our reality. And details, which were not understandable for Lockwood's mind, appeared in his nightmare with the help of subconsciousness. From the books of Catherine we got a piece of information, and it helped us to create the first picture of this family. Of course, we can't guess the real events which will be, but the novel is very fascinating.

I think that the author managed to create an enigmatic and mysterious atmosphere. In the first chapters, I felt something gothic. Reading the detailed descriptions of dreams Lockwood had the constant feeling of fear of something supernatural. In the novel suggests that he is not a person but a diabolical spirit, the unreal becomes even closer because of the unfortunate child ghost, seen the guest in the upper window of the house. Hatklif and Catherine Earnshaw had deeper and more terrible attitudes than human love. After her death he twice breaks her grave, and his pursues something intangible that can only be her soul. She increasingly takes over his life.

In the early chapters an atmosphere of the mysterious and supernatural was created very good. Wuthering Heights is like separate world, which doesn't dependet from the rest of the world. you can disappear in a storm. It is an unusual place where ghosts may come to you at nigh.

I think the author was able to convey mystery and mystique of this composition.A furnishings in which the main character is very dark and mysterious. and all the mysterious always attracts people like the protagonist Lockwood. It becomes interesting to learn about the history of the place where he lives. mystical and was the moment when he slept in the house of Heathcliff, where he read the book on which were written the names. after which he had a weird dream with Catherine. And Lockwood became even more interesting find out the secret of this house.

My opinion, the first what creats mysterious it is house. The old, lonely house, stands in the remotest edge of the city and it makes impression something mysterious,there are always many ghosts in such house and this suggestion doesn't cheat us. Only one night in this house and Lockwood has a nightmare. of course it is misterios. This thin arm, this strange low voise, and entreaty to come in, these all creat supernatural. and why does Lockwood has this dream? may be to show us another side of Heathcliff? this violent, rude man become such kind and is full of hopeness to see this ghost again. every character in this book have something misterios.

I think that the most supernatural in the opening chapters was the appearance of the ghost of Catherine. Even it was a Lockwood's dream, there was a feeling, that the ghost came really into the room. Lockwood told to Heathcliff that ghost must be sent away. After Lockwood had left, Heathcliff started to cry and call Catherine's ghost ("Come, Cathy!").

In my opinion the most mysterious the books of Catherine Earnshaw, Catherine Linton and Catherine Heathcliff (the books lying on the sill in the spiritual room). In this chapter the reader comes in a bewildering. He doesn't understand who these three Catherine are. Why did she change her surnames for three times? I don't know yet. I guess I know it after reading all chapters.

The second mysterious that I really don't understand is Lockwood. He seems to be familiar with Earnshow's family. But how did they firstly meet...I don't even imagine.

I like this book. I recommend you to read it too.

I think the atmosphere in chapter 1 is actually very intense and mystical . Life of the main character is shrouded in mystery . Lockwood, one of those people who is eager to unravel the story of Wuthering Heights . Heathcliff , the main character , appears as a rough , hard man who lost the meaning of life . But this is only a mask of pretense . In fact there is a great mystery hidden his love for the mysterious Catherine. This makes him sensible . That night, when the ghost of Catherine appeared to Lockwood and Heathcliff knew about it, he becomes particularly sensual. From rough and strong , he turns into a pathetic man who lost his love. I think in the process of reading , we learn many secrets of this unusual family.

The atmosphere is really mysterious in the beginning of the novel. The dream Lockwood had was absolutely frightening and the ghost of Catherine was discribed in details. That cold hand from the window and those screams were very fearful. After reading that chapter I thought it was going to be a horror story. But while learning further I understood that it would be a truly love story with some adventures in it. Heathcliff, as we learned, is a really difficult man, but we know that somewhere inside he he hides his feelings and he has a good heart. I'm looking forward to learn more about this man and the story itself.

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