Wuthering Heights

Compare about first Catherine & second Catherine .

compare about Cathy Linton And Cathy Earnshaw what is disffrent and what is simlar ?

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Catherine Earnshaw is beautiful and charming, but she is never as civilized as she pretends to be. In her heart she is always a wild girl playing on the moors with Heathcliff. She regards it as her right to be loved by all, and has an unruly temper. Heathcliff usually calls her Cathy; Edgar usually calls her Catherine.  Cathy Linton has all her mother's charm without her wildness, although she is by no means submissive and spiritless. Edgar calls her Cathy. She marries Linton Heathcliff to become Catherine Heathcliff, and then marries Hareton to be Catherine Earnshaw.