Women in Love

The relation between men and women


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This is such a complex book that extends beyond relations between women and men. Still it is a major theme. Women in Love starts with two sisters, Ursula and Gudrun. Both of them are extremely modern ladies, but with really old-fashioned names. Gudrun especially has that contrast. I didn't even know Gudrun was a name, it's that archaic, but she herself is an artist. She makes her living at it, even. Ursula is a little more tame; she is a teacher.

There sre the men, too. Gerald Crich and Rupert Birkin reveal themselves as the love interests for the two women in love.

All these four are strained to the breaking point with their sensitivity. They are constantly in rapturous heights, or seriously believe that they will die of their disappointments. It seemed comical to me, after the first time, how overcome they are by their feelings. Check out the source link below for more of this.