Wide Sargasso Sea

Wide Saragossa Sea in Amelie's perspective?

She had a very little part in Wide Saragossa sea, though I would like to write a story about Amelie's perspective on Wide Saragossa Sea on mr. Rochester, Antoinette, herself (amelie) (more or less like Amelie as a main character)?

Thank you!

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Amelie hates Rochester because he is white, if you write from her perspective racism will have to be a major theme in your story. She also despises Antoinette because of her mixed race and doesn't accept Antoinette's superior attitude (Amelie is of mixed race herself, but her features are darker and more prononced). Antoinette can pass for a white woman, Amelie can't. She even argues, fights, and calls Antoinette a "white cockroach," something we don't generally see in a servant's relationship with her mistress.

So, if you're going to use Amelie as a main character, what are you going to do with her? She doesn't have a large part; we don't know much about her; and she's going to need some background in order to come center stage. Who were her parents, what sparks her jealousy of Antoinette, why did she accept money from Rochester after their encounter? Does she simply hate Rochester because he is white or because he married a girl for the money she'd afford him....... later disgusted by his rash decision and the fact he married a girl with what he called "bad blood"?

Correction in the question: Wide Saragossa sea from Amelie's perspective? Sorry about that mistake! :P

So, she doesn't have a large part, which kinda make her an interesting character for me. Also adding up those point you told about her. I don't really know if I need to have knowledge about her background, her parents, etc. or not. Though I really need to know why she accept money from Rochester after their encounter, because it does relates to 'what she was thinking?' Thanks a lot for all those points, they are real help for me. :D