Wide Sargasso Sea


I have just joined an access course and literature is not really my forte, i have to answer:

Discuss, refering closely to the text of "wide sargasso sea" how Jean Rhys addresses the cutural and social differences between Antoinette and Rochester. Consider how these differences contribute to the failure of their relationship.

Comment on language, theme, narrative vewpoint and the overall text structure.

I am so so stuck, i haven't even atampted to start writing yet and it has to be in by Monday, as do four other Assignments.


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Antoinette was raised in a convent, and the marriage that's been arranged for her upsets her very much. She and her husband are mismatched from the very beginning; I have no idea what they were thinking of here! They come from different cultures and adhere to different customs; both of these issues make it possible for either one to relate to the other.

Antoinette's past actions are a bone of contention with Rochester. He disapproves of her, and he disapproves of her relationship with certain family members, particularly her half brother. Antoinette exists in isolation, an isolation that began within her own immediate family, and then went with her into her marriage. She has no sense of self; she has no peace.

This novel is a parallel of Bronte's Jane Eyre.


Wide Sargasso Sea