White Fang

Why do the other dogs attack white fang

In white fangs

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THey all go after the alpha dog. That's what dogs do.

White Fang and his mother stay with the village, for even when White Fang tries to escape his mother will not follow. Lip-lip terrorizes his days, and White Fang never learns to play with the other dogs--he instead becomes crafty and slinks around the camp. His mother is sold to Three Eagles, and White Fang tries to follow the canoe, but Gray Beaver comes after and beats him until he cannot follow. White Fang cries for his mother, but bit by bit, he grows attached to the cold justice of Gray Beaver.

Lip-lip's torments worsen. All the dogs attack White Fang, and he can only escape by running into the woods or snarling and ripping out the throats of the other dogs. All of the camp, besides Gray Beaver, turns against him, and he lives as an outcast, hated by both dogs and mankind.


White fang