White Fang

why did white fang defend Mit-sah

chapter 13

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White Fang defended Mit-sah out of duty

He defended him because Mit-sah had defended him.

White Fang defended him because he realized that Mit-sah belonged to him, that they belonged to each other. He finally understood that he needed to defend in the same way he was defended.

"Before the day was out, White Fang was to learn more about this law. Mit-sah, alone, gathering firewood in the forest, encountered the boy that had been bitten. With him were other boys. Hot words passed. Then all the boys attacked Mit-sah. It was going hard with him. Blows were raining upon him from all sides. White Fang looked on at first. This was an affair of the gods, and no concern of his. Then he realised that this was Mit-sah, one of his own particular gods, who was being maltreated. "

Source(s): White Fang