White Fang

who was Beauty Smith? what did White Fang think of Beauty Smith?

chapters XVI-XIX

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White Fang instinctively believed Beauty Smith to be evil.

White Fang’s feel of Beauty Smith was bad.  From the man’s distorted body and twisted mind, in occult ways, like mists rising from malarial marshes, came emanations of the unhealth within.  Not by reasoning, not by the five senses alone, but by other and remoter and uncharted senses, came the feeling to White Fang that the man was ominous with evil, pregnant with hurtfulness, and therefore a thing bad, and wisely to be hated.

Beauty Smith

a very ugly and cruel man who tricks Gray Beaver into selling him White Fang in exchange for whiskey. He turns White Fang into the "Fighting Wolf" by constantly tormenting him, both physically and emotionally. He has White Fang fight other dogs in order to earn money.


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