White Fang

What is White Fang's reaction to this encounter with Kiche (his mother)? Why do you think the author includes these details?

White Fang sees his mother.Kiche,again but she does not know him and she has new cubs and snarls at him.

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Oh, I think London includes these details because it comments on the fluidity and chaos of the wild. Circumstances can change in an instant and Animals must adapt or parish. London's wilderness isn't an episode from "Winnie the Poo". Animals have instincts which transcend human social understanding. White Fang's mother does what she needs to for her new litter to have the best chance of survival, White Fang no longer factors into things.

Later in the book, White Fang sees Kiche again, but she does not acknowledge him. She has had another litter, and White Fang is a threat to the security of her new cubs. White Fang is puzzled by Kiche’s distant behavior, but accepts it. He will always respect Kiche as his mother and teacher.