White Fang

What are the feelings of the cub at the end of chapter13

In white fangs

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At the end of Chapter 13, we see White Fang becoming more and more confidant, as he takes his place in Grey Beaver's household. He has traded in his freedom for warmth, food, and companionship. In return, he gives protection. Note, he no longer has any feelings of love, for the only love he'd ever known had come from Kiche, and that memory had disappeared.

"White Fang's was a service of duty and awe, but not of love. He did not know what love was. He had no experience of love. Kiche was a remote memory. Besides, not only had he abandoned the Wild and his kind when he gave himself up to man, but the terms of the covenant were such that if ever he met Kiche again he would not desert his god to go with her. His allegiance to man seemed somehow a law of his being greater than the love of liberty, of kind and kin."


White Fang