White Fang

what are forces that shape white fang's character...what are they and how do they affect him?

forces are natural and human

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White Fang's main conflict is between the title character's two essences—his life as a wild wolf and his tamer dog nature. London uses this conflict in many ways, both to depict White Fang's struggles in the novel and also to comment upon human nature.The idea that unconditional love and affection can overcome heredity and upbringing is another aspect of humanity that London emphasizes through White Fang's actions. White Fang's harsh treatment gives free rein to the dog's ferocity, yet when he is petted, fed, and loved, his mild and loving behavior triumphs. London offers differing opinions as to whether creatures are “molded” from birth and can do little to change their situation. Beauty Smith “had not created himself,” so in some ways he is not to blame for his treatment of White Fang. White Fang is a cruel killer when he is kept and tormented, but the dog turns out to be kind and becomes a pet when the Judge is his master. Therefore, White Fang is not responsible for his actions; he is merely doing what his present circumstances dictate. White Fang offers two opposing viewpoints about this: Laws understood from birth demand obedience, but they can be altered. White Fang must be exactly what he is—a wolf that depends on killing to survive. He tests his boundaries at every opportunity, often running into obstacles—both literal and metaphorical—and he is constantly chafing at his hereditary constraints. London, however, does not offer an opinion that one method of living is superior to the other.PLease Check out the rest at the link below: