White Fang

The massive moose seemed to be a threat to the wolves, who were hungry to hunt it down. Describe the brutality between them and what was the outcome.

15 marks

from chapter 4

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"It was a brief fight and fierce. The big bull was beset on every side. He ripped them open or split their skulls with shrewdly driven blows of his great hoofs. He crushed them and broke them on his large horns. He stamped them into the snow under him in the wallowing struggle. But he was foredoomed, and he went down with the she-wolf tearing savagely at his throat, and with other teeth fixed everywhere upon him, devouring him alive, before ever his last struggles ceased or his last damage had been wrought."

According to the text it was "a brief fight and fierce." The wolves attacked the moose from every side. The moose "ripped them open or split their skulls"; he "stamped them into the snow." When the moose finally went down, the she-wolf was "tearing at his throat," while the others attacked from all ends eating him alive.


White Fang/ Pages 53 and 54