White Fang

In white famgs mind what is the defrence of white man and the indian

white fang

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Part IV shows the startling contrast between the finest attributes of civilization and the worst. When Gray Beaver takes White Fang on a trading excursion to Fort Yukon, White Fang sees his first white men and learns that these are a "race of superior gods. They possessed greater mastery over matter than the gods he had know, most powerful among which was Gray Beaver. And yet Gray Beaver was a child-god among these white-skinned ones." The Indian proves to be a mere child-god, indeed, when he foolishly barters his best dog for the white man's whiskey. Under his new master, Beauty Smith, White Fang learns that the viciousness of the perverted white man is deadlier than the Wild at its worst. Beauty Smith is a "monstrosity" both psychologically and physically, a sadistic coward who delights in inflicting punishment on his newly acquired dog and in training White Fang to kill other animals while caged for exhibit.