White Fang

In chapter 3: What did Henry do during the day?

Chapter 3

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As he travels during the day, the wolves follow closer and closer. The nights are long and sleepless as Henry begins to envision his fate. One morning, the wolves will not let him leave camp and he is forced to extend the campfire slowly towards a dead tree, literally leaving a trail of fires in order to obtain firewood.

Completely exhausted, Henry finally gives into sleep a few nights later but awakens to find himself being attacked by the wolves. Without thinking he throws himself into the fire, scooping and throwing coal and embers in all directions. He extends the fire in a circle around his body and continues to ward off his attackers until dawn. Unable to overcome the effects of numerous sleepless nights, he dozes off, resigned to a near certain death. The end of Part I is abrupt as Henry is awakened, not to the sound of wolves, but rather the sound of human voices asking "Where is Lord Alfred?" As the men and their dog sleds surround him, he falls to sleep and begins to snore.