White Fang

How did the men explain why the she-wolf was able to mingle with their dogs without causing a commotion????

need help please !!!!!!!!

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The She-wolf came in with the dogs at feeding time.

“I might have knowed it,” Bill chided himself aloud as he replaced the gun.  “Of course a wolf that knows enough to come in with the dogs at feedin’ time, ’d know all about shooting-irons.  I tell you right now, Henry, that critter’s the cause of all our trouble.  We’d have six dogs at the present time, ’stead of three, if it wasn’t for her.  An’ I tell you right now, Henry, I’m goin’ to get her.  She’s too smart to be shot in the open.  But I’m goin’ to lay for her.  I’ll bushwhack her as sure as my name is Bill.”


White Fang