White Fang

Do these charecter's Kiche, Gray Beaver, Beauty Smith, and Weedon Scott, have important quotes in the novel if so what are they?

[Novel] White Fang.

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Kiche- I think this quote says a lot about her, and also what White Fang learned as a cub.....

"And then the cub saw his mother, the she-wolf, the fearless one, crouching down till her belly touched the ground, whimpering, wagging her tail, making peace signs. The cub could not understand. He was appalled. The awe of man rushed over him again. His instinct had been true. His mother verified it. She, too, rendered submission to the man-animals." (Part 3/ Chapter 1)


White Fang

thank you so much do u have any qoutes for Gray Beaver, Beauty Smith, and Weedon Scott?