Where Things Come Back

Where Things Come Back

The author decribes many different kinds of love in the story : parental love , fraternal love , And romantic love.What does the novel say about each ?

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Fraternal Love:

Cullen's love for Gabriel is idealistic and pure. His brother loved everyone.... Cullen misses him terribly.

Romantic love is fleeting. In fact, what we first see as romance is really just two people looking for love and imagining things that aren't there. Unfortunately, when you imagine someone has attributes that don't really exist in order for them to fill that special role.... it cannot last. The quote below pertains to Cabot and Alma.

He seemed carefree to Alma, and that was what she desired to be. To Cabot, Alma Ember seemed just innocent enough to be loved but adventurous enough not to bore the hell out of everyone.

We also have Ada and Russell. They have love between them, but it's not the kind of romantic love that starts fireworks. In the end, Ada loves and cares for Russell, but it's a sisterly love, rather than a romantic love.

"It means that had Russell never met me, he probably would never have ended up down there in Florida drunk off his ass and wrecking his car. It's my fault, any way you slice it. I never got a chance to take care of the last two, so I need to be there for him now.

Familial Love.... unconditional..... a love that is open to the moment. When you're needed, you're there.

I had never before felt compelled to turn around and hug my aunt, but something made me do it, the same thing that makes people hold doors open for old ladies at the grocery store or stop and let people cross the road; things that felt regular and impersonal to those doing them, but meant the world to those on the receiving end.


Where Things Come Back