Where the Red Fern Grows

what is the main climax in chapters 11-20

I know that there are several conflicts and rising actions in last chapters but what would you consider the MAIN climax in chapterss 11-20? (support your ersponse with a direct quiote from the novel!)

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There are actually three conflicts in those chapters:

1. the ghost coon hunt and the death of the boy

2. the championship win

3. the death of the two dogs

The main climax is really the championship, because it solves a few of the issues in the book. Specifically, it solves the family's financial problems and it resolves the conflict of just how good the two coon dogs are.

When Billy got Little Ann and Old Dan.


The book: Where the Red Fern Grows

That was in chapter 5.


the book

1-the ghost coon hunt

2-the death of the boy

3-champion ship win and the death of the dogs