Where the Red Fern Grows

chapter 9 how does billy shows determination in this chapter

i dont get this question

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After treeing the coon, Billy has tremendous difficulty cutting the tree down. Frustrated, he gives up, but then Grandpa arrives and teaches him how to make a scarecrow to keep the coon in the tree so Billy can get some rest at home. At dinner, Billy says he thinks the coon his dogs treed is a different one from the first one they chased; Grandpa agrees and explains how the coon did it. The family realizes that Old Dan has stayed by the tree overnight, and when Billy goes down to it, he sees that Little Ann did, too.

Billy chops the tree, and by afternoon he has terrible blisters. He wants to give up, but he prays to God to give him the strength to finish the job. A breeze blows and the tree topples. The coon runs out and Little Ann grabs the coon, which viciously attacks her. Old Dan helps her, and the coon is soon dead.

Billy returns home triumphantly. He tells Papa about the wind and how it only hit the big tree. He believes God helped him again.