Where the Heart Is

Where the heart is?

What's the moral value of this novel? And what has happened to novalee when she finds sevens (could u please mention those?)

Please answer me,, thank you very much

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The moral of the story can be found in Novalee's determination and sense of hope. Her story is a sad one, and yet, she never gives up, she never shuts down, and in the end..... love conquers all.

As for the second part of your question, seven is generally seen as a sign of good luck..... a lucky lumber. People who play shot machine wait for the triple seven to appear on their machine, there are seven days in the week, and it is often associated with infinity. The number seven is also a sacred in the Jewish religion and is seen as being without flaw. When Novalee is in the Walmart, she's with her boyfriend and expecting a child. When she received $7.77 in change, she saw it as a sign of good luck, only to walk away and find she'd been abandoned. For Novalee, the luck seven then becomes a symbol of failure.


Where the Heart Is