Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

Whose fault is it for the rape of Connie?

Who/what is at fault for Connie's predicament?

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Some people would say that Connie is at fault for her predicament, but I give her the benefit of the doubt based on youth, innocence, and inexperience. She's a pretty girl.......... a little flighty........... and maybe just a bit of an airhead. Like every other teenage girl, she fights with her mother.

Connie doesn't realize at first that Arnold's a threat; he's just strange, and she makes the mistake of staring at him. Again, something most kids do whether they know better or not. When he shows up at her house she doesn't remember the first time they met in the parking lot. She still thinks he's kinda creepy, but she doesn't go inside............ and when she does finally tell him to leave he threatens her family if she doesn't go with him.

She does make it to the phone, but chickens out of calling the police. It's here that I really have to question what she does. She has the phone and yet she doesn't make the call........... she decides to leave with Arnold instead. Whatever choice she didn't think she had.......... she made the wrong one!

So who's to blame for her predicament? She has a large part here, but ultimately, Arnold will always be at fault. He chose what he did to her, and whether she had the chance to get away or not his intent is clear.


Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

I know this question was posted a very long time ago, but the second I read it, I was absolutely disgusted. This should not even be a question. It does not matter one bit what she did or how she looked, HE HAD ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO RAPE HER. This question only promotes rape culture, and as a society we really need to get away from victim blaming. Looking back at the question, maybe your teacher or whoever was asking you to analyze the character, but no matter what, in asking this question they are wrong. No one is ever at fault for a rape other than the rapist. It is never the victim. Never. So, to answer the question, Arnold was at fault for raping Connie.