Where Angels Fear To Tread

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Where Angels Fear to Tread has a happy ending. In the end Lilia and the baby are dead. It deals with the differences between the Italian and English cultures. The English think they know what is best. Lilia is a widow and her dead husband's family try to control her as they have done while she was married. She goes to Italy for vacation and ends up marrying a poor Italian man. He dead husband's family trys to stop the marriage and when she dies in child birth. They seem to feel that's what she deserves. They then try to get the baby from his father, thinking he is not qualified to take proper care of him. This ends with a kidnapping and the baby dead in a carriage accident. This is a short book and easy read. I would recommend it.

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This sounds very intriquing I will definitely get this story on my nook. It really sounds good. Thanks for recommending it.


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