War and Peace

what are the social benefits after war?

if war is necessary for peace, then wat are the benefits we got socially?

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Just as it is often said that in every bad there is a good an every good there is a bad,so is war.War is a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air.

War has been used for hundreds of thousands of years as a way of attaining a certain goal through the use of force.

Main reasons for war are so many so you may say are irrelevant and ask the question of ''why should someone fight his/her fellow because of an issue or issues?''

We all know war to be bad because innocent people as well as those who are the main cause of the war lose their lives.It leaves children to become orphans with no one to care for them so they end up on the streets begging for arms or joining rebel groups who indulge themselves in various social vices which ends up not ending the war but intensifying it the more.People left after war join rebel groups willingly or are forced to join these groups.

On the other hand,war though bad is a good thing because through war the rate at which women are endangered when it comes to child birth are reduced, thus it might be the the goverment of a certain country,a ruler of a certain kingdom or territory might have passed a law of spacing out the rate at which its citizens give birth to children so as to control population and dangers involved in child birth and its citizens do not obey these laws passed by their heads but rather do their own thing, thus giving birth to children how,when and as they wish because they think their rulers are being mean to them.

Again,another social benefit of war is that it helps control stablize population.The rate at which the people in the country increase are reduced when war occurs in that country,territory or kingdom.And this stablises population so there are no cases of hunger,overpopulation,increase in an outbreak of a disease or pandemic as a result of over population or increase in social vices reported.Over population brings about an increase in social vices, increase in diseases,pressure on health centers as a result of an out break of a disease,pressure on socialand educational facilities are controlled through war.

Also to mention,there is a quality standards of living through.This is where population has been contolled so every one in the country,kingdom or territory is at peace because there get access to whatever they want which was not possoble in the case of overpopulation.

Through war,the problem of unemployment is solved.Unemployment which was on the increase due to over population is controlled when war occurs so the icrease in robbery due to lack of jobs which existed before the war is also solved after the war.

With the above stated points you will agree that there are social benefits when it comes to war.


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