Walt Whitman: Poems

Imagine what kinds of singing Whitman might hear if he were alive today. In what ways might these “songs” be different from those he heard in his own time? In what ways would they be the same as what he heard?

From the story "I Hear America Singing" by Walt Whitman

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Ah, I don't know about this austin

People still sing the music of Walt Whitman's time, and they still hear the music of nature...... albeit, not so often. Music has become louder...... electronic....... a mass of technology rather than true music. Hammers, saws, and whistles can still be heard, but they're often stifled under the hum of machinery. Whitman speaks to the American people who go to work, ply their trade, and enjoy what they do..... I don't think as many people love to go to their jobs anymore.... in fact, I know they don't. Whitman is portraying the tradesmen, and the mothers, and the farmers of our great country...... the people who cared about our country, its children, and its future.