Walt Whitman: Poems

Imagery in Whitman's Poetry

Whitman's poetics is constructed around the organic principles of nature and her symbols of spirit. in essence the organic principle states that form takes its origin from within and that "poetic expression will find its own natural rhythms in the act of expression" (Wilson p.37). there is a liberal use of metaphors, symbols, imagery, catalogues etc,.

Whitman's imagery reveals his imaginative power, the profound understanding of sensory perceptions and his unique capacity to capture reality instantaneously. there is a sort of logical order on the conscious level but at the same time, it probes into the subconscious, into the world of memories and produces a stream of consciousness of images. for instance the major image of the "ferry" in "Crossing Broklyn Ferry". This symbolises the continual movement, backward and forward, which resembles the universal motion in space and time.

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By all means, continue Julia. I've only been waiting six months. Really, though. More about "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry."

the ferry also symbolizes the 'transit' of the soul of man to the next world --after death--

the 'ferry' carries innumerable people back and forth --across the river--the river is a source of life that is perennial --It server to unite and to separate, both at the same time---Whitman's --"and you that shall cross from shores to shores hence, are more to me. . . "

expresses his understanding of universality--the ferry stands as a symbol of unity encompassing the whole of mankind--

In the midst of diversity, whitman perceives a unique 'unity'--that binds the whole human race into one 'colossal picture'. . .